1973 Establishment of NIHON SEKKEI KOGYO CO., LTD with a capital of 6 million Japanese Yen.
Joined in a basic engineering project for changing AC-Carbon into fuel in technical collaborationwith a major paper-manufacturing company.
Development and sale of recycling equipment for waste resin.
1974 Development and commercialization of automated skewering equipment for food processing.
Development and sale of automated cover-removing equipment for pear.
1975 Build and delivery of large fruit sorting plant controlled by computer.
1976 Capital increase to 12 million Japanese Yen.
Establishment of sales offices(Tottori,Yamanashi,Nagano,Kyushu,Tokyo)
1978 Capital increase to 20 million Japanese Yen.
1981 Design and manufacturing of transfer equipment for general industry mechatronics by high precision processing technology.
1982 Received a large quantity of orders for painting line and physical distribution line for general factories.
1983 Success in standardizing and mass production of "free-flow conveyor" with aluminum frame for light electrical assembling system.
1984 Expansion of a plant at the headquarters with the strategy of expansion for mechatronics field.
1987 Introduction of group-system to achieve the self-support accounting system by each group.
Group-system has been kept as our basic management policy.
1988 Establishment of conveyor system applying data-carrier and delivery of many inspection lines for electric and gas appliances, etc.
1989 Expansion of technical center.
Establishment of department specializing in standardization.
Delivery of unit assembly inspection line for automobile industry.
1990 Obtained certification of "Good Design Mark" from the ministry of International Trade and Industry for a transfer system between smart buildings.
1991 Build SUC (Set-Up-Center) to achieve high-grade module and rationalization of production by standardized designing.
1992 Capital increase to 60 million Japanese Yen.
1993 Build a new office building.
1994 Success in standardization of peripheral system in automated warehouse.
Development and sale of 3-D material handling system.
1995 Development of automated blood specimen line and its delivery to major inspection center.
Continuous development in specimen control field.
1996 Success in standardization of automated transfer line in freezing warehouse.
1997 Development of material handling equipment related with LCD.
Continuous development and manufacturing for FPD material handling industry.
1998 Development and manufacturing of various handling equipments in IC-Package manufacturing process.
1999 Sale of plastic bottle molding line.
Delivery of supplying and stocking line for the film-roll.
Standardization of loader and un-loader, stocker and buffer for glass panel by simplified mobile robot.
Production start of system for vertical transfer, inclined transfer and mobile robot to accommodate large-sized glass panels.
2000 Obtained certification of "Creative Business Activity" for our "development of non-contact transfer system by air current".
Development of pre-treatment extraction system of OC-Hemo.
Received a large quantity of orders for systems including hardening, cure and cooled reactor in molding process of ceramic, urethane and PET.
Declaration of acquiring ISO-9001: 2000
  (design/production/sale for system transfer for smart building).
2001 Obtained certification under "the new supporting law for business innovation of small and medium enterprise" for "3-D conveyor related system".
Build of large plant for medicine filling, packaging and delivery.
2002 Build of book control system for the National Diet Library (Kansai Center)
Obtained certification ISO-9001: 2000
Scope of survey and registration: Design/production/sale of system transfer for smart building.
Registration No.: JMAQA-1284
Registration Office: Head Office, SUC (Set-Up-Center)
2003 Delivery of material handling system for large LCD panel to Taiwan.
Development of air-floating vertical material handling system "Hovering Loader" for large-sized glass panel.
Establishment of "Nihon Sekkei Kogyo Taiwan Co., Ltd."
2004 Delivery of large-scaled PDP system in Japan.
Build of PET reagent manufacturing system for medical use (including validation).
Extensive in-house development of ISO-9001: 2000.
2005 Continuous development for large-sized FPD (Gen 8) and further requirement for clean environment.
Developing into new automobile technology (energy saving, environment, safety and information) and semiconductor technology.
Start-up Miyakoda Center (50m x 100m).
Declaration of acquiring ISO-14001.
Capital increase to 90 million Japanese Yen
2006 Obtained certification ISO-9001: 2000.
Establishment of in-house business design group specializing in training program for employee.Obtained certification under high-technology factory.
Establishment R&G group for simulation in Hamamatsu Innovation Cube
(HI-Cube).Establishment of the new Tokyo sales office combining Kanagawa and Tokyo sales offices.
2007 Move the location of Osaka sales office.
Obtained certification ISO-14001: 2004. (Registration No.: JMAQA-E691)
2008 Start of construction for NS Technical-terminal in Hamamatsu-city.
Started the alternative energy field (solar buttery, fuel cell, and nuclear energy).
2009 Entry of the package inspection system for Japanese government.