Engineering Terminal

Our Engineering Terminal has established since July of 2008.
We are now available the total engineering for larger transferring equipments, in-house clean,
and the vertical take-off support.

[Engineering Terminal]Origin of name...
All advanced technologies are gathering to NIHON SEKKEI KOGYO, and we imbue them with the spirit.
Then, they are released to the world.
It's the concept of the name.
We named [Engineering Terminal] what all employees wish it will be "Terminal Station of Advanced Technology".

Nissetsuko Engineering Terminal: NET


Address 500 Ohara-cho, Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka-Prefecture, Japan
Site Area 10,705m2
Plant Area (Total Floor) 10,962m2
Trial Operation Space 5,500m2
Green Space 2,700m2
Plant Inside
1st Floor:
Prototype/Total Debug and Trial Operation Area
■Area = 2,800m2
■Room Height = 5.75m
■Overhead Traveling Crane = 2.8t 10 units
2nd Floor:
Prototype/Total Debug and Trial Operation Area
Area = 2,700m2
■Room Height = 3.00m
■Overhead Traveling Crane = 1.0t 2 units
■Clean Class = 100,000 equivalent
■Air Shower Room is equipped