Established in 1973, aspire to be "a group of people who feels pleasure to live positively."

Thankfully, we are able to have 40th Anniversary since the company established.Nowadays
the next generation have grown up until today. We have been identified
as one of experts for the material handling system with customer's your backing up,
and we thank users and manufacturers of assembled products
in wide variety of industries such as FPD/PDP, automobile parts manufacturing system,
pharmaceutical equipments, intelligent building,
hospital, system in the checkup center, etc.

Our fate is "clearly understand the true sense of customer's requirements,
design excellent features, and manufacturing simple products and functions
" with "speedy and low cost" under the environments rapidly changing.

Also, the company operation is based on "together human wisdom,
lean from a forerunner, a great deal of information,
objectively analyze an actual product and actuality, discussions
/ materializations / man build-up of consistency and necessity basis" as a basic aim.

We devote ourselves whole-heartedly to the customer for solving conveyance issues,
and we thank you look forward to your guidance and encouragement.

President Shintaro Nagura