Our Business

■ Imagine the near future with limited materials and boundlessly ideas

Absorbing the market needs and hearing the ideals of the near future, then blooming talents of our design staffs.
Like a butterfly in the field, fly high and where they want. Ride upon the natural winds, and sometimes stop at flowers.
"Think and approach brightly and freely." That is our basic position.
We always analyze technological innovations, be a proposer intending to the next issue, and want to be a producer who understands the customer's mind.
Principal of quick response to the market, starting from developing & designing กฤ, our legend of the total engineering is also our emphasis to manufacturing products and systems precisely.
Advanced information tools are also our good partners, and MITI approved G mark products were produced as one of the outcome.

■ Based on standardization, we challenge to new styles.
We share and burnishing our brains each other.

Our destiny as the conveyor manufacturer is producing wide variety of products.Therefore, we must listen to everything and have flexible curiosity, always. But, there is a limit to promise the delivery date, and saving a cost is also the highest issue. Even though creation of originality is important but also improvement in efficiency is our duty.
Here is the point what the company is rated.We actualized the short-term delivery and the low managerial cost with various standardizations. Furthermore, we are acting the lot making and pick our employee's experiences and ideas to be compilation of a database with the theme of "Make-Use-Extend".
This is our standardization.

■ Be the system with innovations and convictions. Be the deep impressive partnership.

Transmission Assembly Line
For Automobile Maker

Bottle Filling Line
For Pharmaceutical Company

Large Glass Panel
Vertical Transferring Line
Our machines are build with senses of foreseeing the next generation, a vivid information, and accuracy of engineers.
A presentation for a customer brought conflicts between the design stuff and the manufacturing stuff, and everyone argues his best with a watchword "BETTER".

Verify again and again, and then "BEST" is taken shape. The delivery is close when started discussing the follow-up service, finally.
These are unfolded at each professional block. This is the fight named "Teamwork"

Every single mechanism is carefully verified, reconsidering the customer's needs, output data preparing for next services.
A delivery is an important process for us continuing to another start. The next stage of business will be created only if we are deeply impressive partner