ISO9001 Quality Management System Activities
ISO14001 Environmental Management System
Green Procurement


Application Standard ISO9001:2008   
Registration Date February 20, 2002   
Last revised registration February 21, 2012   
Scope Designing, manufacturing, and sales of conveyors and relating equipments for factories,
public facilities, hospitals, buildings, and etc.   
Registered No. JMAQA-1284
Site Main Office, Main Factory, SUC (Set Up Center),
Osaka Sales Office, Tokyo Sales Office


Quality Policy

Our most priority policy is "Customer Satisfaction".
We design, manufacture, and deliver our products to the customer for make it comes true
This quality policy is documented to indicate our intention, and we express our attitude getting more satisfactions.

1.Grasp proposes clearly, Product, excellent features, and simple & beautiful products.
2.Embody customer's requests quickly at the low cost.
3.Integrate wisdom, learn ancient wisdom, analyze the actual goods / the reality based on much information, and then the consistency and inevitability products.

Operation of Quality Management System conform to ISO9001:2008 requirements, and it tackles the effectiveness of continuous improvement.
■Establish the target of the product quality based on our policy, and go for it.
■The president of our company makes efforts for employees understand and execute the company policy properly.
■Review for keeping appropriateness.

July 1, 2014
Noriyuki Nagura