ISO 9001 Quality Management System Activities
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
Green Procurement

We consider Green Procurement of parts and material to promote environmental conservation activities, and the elimination of six toxic substances is promoted as the first step.

1)Below chemicals are defined as toxic substances, and the permissible concentration is shown.
No Chemicals Permissible Concentration Products
1 Cadmium or Cadmium Compounds 0.01(100ppm) Relay Contact, Paint (Pigment), Glass, Resin Stabilizer
2 Hexavalent Chromium Compounds 0.1(1000ppm) Paint (Pigment), Plating
3 Zinc or Zinc Compounds 0.01(100ppm) Solder, Paint (Pigment), Glass, Resin Stabilizer
4 Mercury or Mercury Compounds 0.01(100ppm) Lamp, Paint (Pigment), Switch
(Polybrominated Biphenyl)
0.01(100ppm) Printed Circuit Board, Harness, Electrical Terminal Block
(Polybrominated biphenyls)
0.01(100ppm) Printed Circuit Board, Harness, Electrical Terminal Block

2)Understanding and cooperation of clients are indispensable to appeal Green Procurement.
    Our Green Procurement activity plan is as below.
1. Inspection of customer supplied materials and parts.
2. Confirmation of present and future environmental conservation activities at the customer's site.
3. Conclude and promote the base policy which included the environmental conservation activity.